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Yesterday third and fourth class took a bus to Causey Farm in County Meath for our school tour. The weather was fabulous and so was the tour. We started off in the farm looking at all teh different animals such as cows, hens, sheep, horses, donkrys and even three week old puppies which we got to hold. Some where even brave enough to pick up a rooster. One or two members of the class found their true calling of being a farmer by trying to round up some sheep.

We then went to the hay maze and thank goodness we didn't lose anyone as hard as we tried. After that we got to make a wish at the wishing well. Unfortunately none of us have won the lotto yet!!!

After that excitement we had a true farm experience by jumping on the back of a tractor and trailer to go to the bog. While sitting on our hay bales there was a great sing song of the Raittlin Bog and Ireland's Call.

Once we got to the bog we met Liam who showed us the traditional way of cutting turf and some of us got to catch turf.

We then got tuition on how was the "proper" way to "Bog Hop" which we learnt later was a very important lesson.

Then the fun really started!!!


I can confirm we EVENTUALLY got everyone out!!!

The class where not recognisable at the end but I was assured all all the children had a great day. I can't say the parents who had to cope with the washing did. Sorry parents.