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In September we got a very exciting envelope delivered to our classroom. It was full of letters written in Irish from our penpals. We did not know who they were or what school they came from so we wrote back letters in Irish asking all about them and their school. This was the start of our penpal project with 4th class in Rathfarnham Parish School. We continued sending forward and back letters and at Christmas we got to met them for the first time.

On Wednesday 18th December Rathfarnham visited our school and we preformed our Christmas Play for our parents and all our penpals. We then got to play games with them in our playground which was great fun as we got to know more about them.

On Monday 10th March another very exciting envelope arrived into our class full of invites inviting us to Rathfarnham Parish school to see their play production. We gratefully accepted the invitation and on Thursday13th March we got the bus from Rathmines to Rathfarham. We watched their amazing production of "Cinderella and Rockerfella" and they generously had refreshments afterwards. Then we got to go out to their playground for a few games. They had a cool climbing frame that we had great fun playing on. Then it was time to get the bus back to Rathmines and we are looking forward to our next meeting :0