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At the beginning of the year we looked at lots of different trees. We went on a nature walk to identify the names and types of trees on the college grounds. In art, we painted autumn trees. We used warm colours such as yellow, orange, red and brown. We also tried to create a realistic texture by dabbing the paintbrush lightly, and layering the leaves. Here is our artwork.

IMAG1762  IMAG1763  IMAG1764  IMAG1765

IMAG1766  IMAG1767

IMAG1768  IMAG1769

IMAG1770  IMAG1771

IMAG1772  IMAG1773

IMAG1774  IMAG1775

IMAG1776  IMAG1777

IMAG1778  IMAG1779

IMAG1780  IMAG1781

IMAG1782  IMAG1783

IMAG1785  IMAG1786

IMAG1784  IMAG1787

IMAG1788  IMAG1789

IMAG1790  IMAG1791