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In history, we learned about farming in the past. We learned about how butter was made long ago. Instead of using a wooden churn, we used jars to make our own butter. Here are the steps we followed:

$11.       Put some cream into a jar and fasten the lid carefully

Butter 1

$12.       Shake the jar until the cream splits. When this happens, you will begin to see small blobs of fat.

Butter 2

$13.       Keep shaking until the blobs of fat come together. Then drain off the liquid, this part is called butter milk.

$14.       Take the buttery cream out of the jar, and beat it until all of the buttermilk comes out.

Butter 3

$15.       Then the butter is ready to eat. You can add some salt if you want.

We tasted the butter on cream crackers and some pupils took some home too.