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We learned a little about where Van Gogh was from and what his life was like. We looked at some of his paintings and described his style of painting. He usually uses lots of thick paint, and you can see the brushstrokes. He liked to use lots of bright colours, especially yellow – it was his favourite colour.  He also liked to paint everyday scenes and landscapes. His paintings were not very realistic, he painted in the ‘Impressionist’ style.

We studied his painting Starry Night in detail. We used different shades of blue and yellow. We added flour to the paint to make it thick. We focused in particular on creating visible brushstrokes, and lots of swirling shapes. Here are some of our paintings. 

IMAG1752   IMAG1751

IMAG1753   IMAG1754

IMAG1754   IMAG1756

IMAG1758   IMAG1758 - Copy