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Mr Moran's Visit

When Mr Moran came in he should us how to design a house and how big the rooms should be.

He designed a house from scratch. He showed us the points South North West and East. He also showed us what way a house should face.


Bake Sale

On Wednesday 16th March Fourth Class held a Bake Sale to raise money for CMSI.  We raised money to build a church in Burundi in Africa.

We sold buns and cakes for 30c each or 2 for 50c and we made €252.85 which is enough to buy more than 1,100 bricks.


Junior Achievement Ireland

Every Thursday morning for five weeks a woman came in. She is called Elaine Homes.

On the first week she talked about regional resources, which includes manmade, human and natural resources. She works in A.I.B.   She came in at 9:30 and left about forty minutes later. She let us think of our own resources. She gave every two groups a different resource. Then we stuck them on a board. She brought a poster of regional resources and she asked us what we would like that was on the poster in our town, but most people said a doughnut factory. The poster is now on display in our classroom in Fourth Class. Elaine gave us each a workbook and a name tag so she could learn our names.  On the last day we played a business game and she gave us treats.  Thank you very much Elaine!








Dr Little's Visit

On 27th November 2010 Dr Little came to visit us.  He presented a powerpoint presentation on how the eye works.  He began by demonstrating how light travels in straight lines and then explained how a lens works.

He brought along an old camera to aid his explanation. He also brought a home made pin hole camera to shows us an upside down reflection.

The function of the brain was also discussed and how important is was to wear a helmet. Various stories were told about injuries – all to emphasis the necessity for safety.


Many thanks Dr Little for coming to talk to us!


Space Quiz

We did a quiz about space. And there were quotations about how much a space toilet would       cost $20 million. We had to look up some of the questions on the computer.

  • Since 1961 there have been over 500 hundred people into space.
  • There are only eight planets in are solar system.
  • In 2009 six Europeans started training with the E.S.A.
  • The first manned spaceflight lasted about two hours.
  • The sun is in the centre of our Solar System.
  • Scuba diving is part of the training for the astronauts.
  • We had 20 questions in the Quiz.
  • A space Shuttle can do about 100 flights in its life.
  • Neil Armstrong was the first man on the Moon.
  • Jupiter has 63 known moons.

You can look up the website and check out some other activities

By Esme and Tess.



These are our winners having been presented with their certificates by The Minister for the Environment, Mr John Gormley at Assembly.


Information for Tax Rebate on Voluntary Contribution to Schools

Talk on Internet Safety

School Talks

NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.