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Mark Long came tells us about green roofs!

Mark Long came into our class and told us about green roofs.

Mark told us that green roofs are becoming popular in New York and Germany they are also being put on office buildings. They are putting them on bus roofs to make the city colourful and to attract nature. He told us that it is good for the environment. It is nice for the summer because you would be able to sit out in the sun on your roof and have lunch.

During the summer the plants soak up all the warmth this makes it warmer in the winter.

When you put the plants on your roofs you can do it two ways, you can plant the plants in plastic pots or roll out grass. Sometimes young kids (if the roof is strong enough)  will run and play on it.

People all over the world like the idea of green roofs!!!!!!


Graphic Studios Dublin

On Friday the 11th of February Jack


ie Ryan, Robert Russell and Sadhbh from Graphic Studios Dublin came to visit and do prints with us.

We did prints with a pencil and prints with cotton buds.

They gave us a present of six books, the names of them are:

  • AP Artists Proof,
  • The Works B&A Print Collection 1989-2009,
  • Graphic Studios / 50 Years In Dublin,
  • Where Borders Meet the Response,
  • Where Borders Meet,
  • And Graphic Studio Members 2010

It was a great experience and we all enjoyed very much!!!


Hat Day for Guide Dogs!!

On the 22nd of October, 4th Class wore hats, wigs and sunglasses into school and brought a donation of 20 cent or more for Guide Dogs.

We were doing a project on sight before we wore in our hats and sunglasses. We raised 56 euro and 2 cent for the guide dogs!!

We were learning about Helen Keller and Louis Braille. We were very happy to have raised that much.

By:  Siofra O’Brien and Ella Wilson










Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Rinneamar gach iarracht ar an nGaeilge a labhairt le linn Seachtain na Gaeilge.  Bhi an-spórt againn ag baint trial as an nGaeilge.  Bhí seamróga ag Ms Bennett ina póca agus thug si ceann dúinn gach uair a bhaineamar trial as an nGaeilge.  Nuair a bhí ceithre cinn againn bhíomar in ann duais bheag a fháil.  Fuair an chuid is mó den rang duais nó níos mó!


Dr. Keane's visit

Dr. Keane ( Sam Whitaker’s mum, Erika ) came to our class to talk about the eyes and how to protect them because we’re doing a project on the eyes and what background colour is easiest to read off. We tested our eyes by reading letters off a lit up screen. We also got to use a gadget  (ophthalmoscope)  that let us look into other   people’s eyes. She brought in a model of an eye and we got to put on eye patches. She told us about why people need glasses.

She told us about the different parts of the eye such as the cornea, iris, optic nerve, pupil, retina and lots more. She told us how some peoples eyes don’t work together, this  gives you a lazy eye. It was great fun having  her in and she was very good to come in and see us.






Information for Tax Rebate on Voluntary Contribution to Schools

Talk on Internet Safety

School Talks

NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.