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Things that Fourth Class Did..

Fourth Class Trip to Stratford school  

play 6th 2

Today we left school at 9:30 and walked to Stratford,  (the secondary school. ) We returned back at 11:15. 6th class came with 4th because lots of people were at Santry.

When we arrived we were put into four groups of five. There were five stations; they were acid or base, electronic light circuits, the human body, bending of light and magnets.

My favourite station was acid or base. In it we dipped litmus paper into liquid tested by the colour of the paper whether it was acid or base. With a different type of litmus paper you could test the extent of which it was acid or base.

By Chloe


School Tour

On Thursday, 23rd June Third and Fourth Classes went to Malahide Castle on their school tour.

Following a tour of the castle and a picnic, the two classes let off steam in the playground!


Xperience Engineering


Our Trip to  D.C.U.            


When we got to the D.C.U the President of Engineers Ireland said a speech. After that we set up the stand and Henry and Hugo went to do a building competition. Here’s what they did. - We were called by a lady and we had to go to an area. They gave us paper and we had to build a tower out of it, it’s amazing what you can do with a piece of paper. We did not win but it was fun.

Here’s what Aimée and Hannah did. - We were at the stand. Hannah’s mum and Ms.Bennett had to go downstairs and leave us to talk to the judges on our own. When the judges came they asked us questions and we answered them the best we could. We showed them two experiments.  Then everyone had lunch together. Next we watched a science show by Scientific Sue. She blew off the head of Peppa Pig and told us loads of different interesting things.



Then everyone got a photo taken and then she announced the winners - we didn’t win but we still got a silver certificate. The prize for the building competition was a laptop. The prize for the science competition was a smart board, a laptop, a trophy and a gold certificate.

The next day in assembly we showed the project to the rest of the school.


By Aimée, Hannah, Hugo and Henry









Assembly - May

On Friday the 6th of May, Andrew McCormick from CMSI came to Assembly.  Fourth Class had done the project Living Stones during Lent

and Andrew spoke to us about the churches in Burundi that we were helping.

We sang songs, did prayers and a little drama all based on building and afterwards we presented Andrew with a cheque for €252.85.

We had raised this money with a ‘Bun for a Brick’ cake sale.



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