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Beatrice's Adventure

Sad, but exciting news...

Beatrice is going to live in Australia for a while. She is going to see kangaroos and koalas, and even echidnae and kookaburras. She will have an amazing adventure. We hope to keep in contact by skype and e-mail. We will miss her from our little school family - she was such a lovely little friend - always kind and thoughtful, with a big smile on her face.

Good luck, Beatrice...


Trip to Imaginosity

Junior and Senior Infants had the most amazing day in Imaginosity. We dressed up and pretended we lived in a castle - it was so funny when we ran away from the snake and hid. We made a little puppet show too. Some of us were like news readers or pop stars - we could see ourselves on the screen. Wow! It felt like real television. We were able to build walls and put on roofs too - the pulley that brings the tiles and solar panels up to the roof is brilliant. We loved putting blocks on the crane too, lifting them up and swinging them around.

There is a tube you can climb inside too. And there is a hospital - some of us dressed up as doctors and nurses, examining patients and sending them home healthy. We built a puzzle skeleton. The exercise bikes are fabulous. Lots of us raced against each other.

There is a butcher shop - the meat looks so real. Some of us went around the shops with our trolleys and bought bread, cakes and vegetables, and paid for them at the checkout. There is a post office where we posted letters and parcels, and bought stamps.

The restaurant is great too. It looks so real.

Miss Rankin and Mrs Morton said they were so proud of us, and told us we behaved so well. Thank you to Hugo's Mum and minder, and to Mara's mum for coming with us.


The Chinese New Year

Junior and Seniior Infants had so much fun learning about China.

This is the Chinese Year of the Dragon. We made masks, puppets and paper lanterns. We even made real fortune cookies.

At Assembly, we performed a dragon puppet dance and sang 'He's Got the Whole World in his Hands'. We sang 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in Chinese too. Our friends in Second Class gave us lots of information about things like The Great Wall of China - it took hundreds and hundreds of years to build! We exchanged 'little red envelopes' and we gave everybody sweets just like they do in China to celebrate their New Year.

Here we are with our puppets and the huge dragon which we made...


And here we are September 2011


And here we are in September 2011, with a new Junior Infants' Class, twenty-eight wonderful children. How special they all are. We've had so many laughs together already, out on our Nature Walks, playing lots of games, having fun at the sand, building jigsaws, painting, singing, reading... to name just a few things.

One day, we went out for a walk with Mrs Morton's dog, Bubbles. We found out how to take care of dogs - to play with them and feed them, and to take them to the vet for medicine sometimes.


















This is us asleep like Little Bear in his cave at the end of the book 'Can't you sleep, Little Bear?'

(We're really only pretending!)

Another day, we went on a Bear Hunt - we went through the long grass and the mud and even the snow! And we found one - SCARY! - We had to race all the way back home and up the stairs. We forgot to shut the door and had to go back downstairs again to close it .... Only kidding! That was just a story too. Acting out stories is brilliant fun though.

At Hallowe'en, we all had a big long holiday, and most dressed up, and some even went trick or treating. Junior Infants said they had a brilliant time. How any K.P.S. Junior Infants could look like witches or wizards is a complete mystery - they're more like perfect princes and princesses in school.

Then Christmas came. We sang so many Christmas Carols and songs and made up little plays about Christmas. We loved the story, 'Jesus's Christmas Party' and the song, 'When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney'. We made a Nativity Scene in our classroom - we drew Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus and all the animals and stars. It was brilliant.

We had a fireplace and Santa sent his letters to us down the chimney! We went to the Church too and sang some of our Carols - we sang 'A Special Star' all by ourselves. Everybody said we sang it really well. All the other classes were brilliant too. We walked down with our buddies from Sixth Class - that was really special.

In January, we went on a trip to the Antarctic. We all wrapped up warmly as it was soooo cold!!! Here we are standing on an ice floe.


Junior Infants 2010 - '11

What a time we had in Junior Infants; outside playing, exercising, and learning about nature, and inside playing some more and learning lots of Irish, English, Maths, even Science, History, Geography. We painted, we sang and we acted.

We went to the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery on a special bus. Camille’s Mum came with us. We made snow scenes in boxes. We used cotton wool, animals and glitter. They were really nice. We saw famous paintings. It was really exciting.

We had a Service in the Church and we sang some Christmas carols. Then, we got our Christmas holidays and Santa came to us all. We told Mrs Morton all about our presents when we went back to school in January. She thought we deserved all our fabulous presents because we are so good and so kind to each other.

The snow came. It was great fun. We were able to build snowmen and throw snowballs. Our class went to the yard and we pretended we were skiing and skating. We drew pictures in the snow. We  came back in after a while because our hands and feet felt cold.

We had a writing competition. Mrs Morton said we were all amazing. Sophie D and Úna even got important awards from an INTO EBS competition.

Fancy dress

We learned about our teeth with Úna’s mum, and we learned some French with Colin’s dad. Thanks so much...

We went on a tour to The Playbarn in Johnstown. That was the best day ever. We took a special lunch and we went on the bus, downstairs in the double decker on the way there and upstairs on the way back. We sang lots of songs. We did lots of climbing and sliding. There was football and disco dancing too.

Sport’s Day arrived. We had practised lots and were able to do all the activities really well. We ran fast, we went through hoops, we tossed beanbags into hoops, we had a skittle relay and we took teddies for a race. It was brilliant. Everyone got a medal, and then we queued up and got an ice-cream cone from the van. It was a lovely sunny day and we had a great time.


We graduated on June 28. We wore special hats called mortarboards that Mrs Morton had made for us. We felt so good. We did a little play and we sang songs. The funniest ones were the one about the three monkeys, the one about the crocodile and the one about the centipede.

Mrs Morton, Mr Packham, Sarah, Miss de Lacey and the parents said we were so good. We got certificates, bubbles, sweets, water bombs and a ball.


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