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Morning Antics...

We all love mornings in our class. It's the best time of the whole day...

Two of our little brothers stayed for a play one day. They were cooking in the kitchen.

Lots of mornings, Dr Breakwell gives us a quiz. Mr Doherty gives us a quiz or sometimes plays dinosaurs...


One day, the parents helped the children paint the rain forest in our classroom. We called it 'a community project'.

It was so exciting! We were all so artistic and creative.

Everyone was very careful to stay inside the lines.

Didn't we do an amazing job?

The girls thought Mrs M should be the class queen one day... What do you think?

Indeed, you could find all sorts of princesses about too...


and their protectors -



Or you might even think you were in Italy at the Leaning Tower of Piza.





Young Scientists

We are so scientific in our class.

This week, we made toast and discovered how the bread started off white, soft, a little bit damp, floppy and bendy. After we toasted it, the bread was hard, crusty, crunchy, brown and delicious!!!

The heat from the toaster toasted the bread. We had a great chat about electricity travelling through metal. We examined the pins on the plug and how they went into a socket... We thought it was good how there was plastic insulation around the wire to keep everyone safe.

Look what we discovered when we lifted the lid on the sandpit after Hallowe'en..

Some of the grain from our oats must have fallen into the sandpit and germinated all by themselves. It would have been warm and damp in there for them.

Some of us were having fun with water. We were making suds, spashing, straining and colouring some water. We moved water into containers using sponges.

Mrs M was a bit concerned that the classroom could turn into a swimming pool... Some cloths absorbed the water and the floor was perfectly dry again



The Graduation

Well, where has this wonderful year gone? We've had such a fabulous time together. I will miss you every one of you oodles and noodles, but I know you are all so ready for your exciting new adventure in Senior Infants. Mrs M x



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