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We have had so much fun, friendship and learning this year with Mrs M in Junior Infants.

We had our graduation, all happy and smiling.





We remembered some of the best bits as

'going to the Park'

'Piaget and Princess'

'dancing and singing'

'the trip to the art gallery (IMMA)'


'the art'


'the drama'

'computer day'

'funny stories'

'funny songs'

'the sums'

'all the science'

'the Irish'


'Aistear play times'

'when parents visited'

'the school tour'

'the trips to Antarctica, Australia and the Rainforest'...

















Superheroes, ballerinas, princesses, knights,  a ninja or two, illustrators, footballers, tennis players, ice-cream and sweetshop owners, and a few teachers, scientists, mathematicians, historians, doctors, nurses, pilots, builders, engineers for the future...

Have an amazing time in Senior Infants everyone. Mrs M



Off we went in the double decker coach. We sat upstairs on the way to Naas and downstairs on the way home.


We were all excited on the way, looking out at everything from the top of the bus. We sang songs all the way home.

Junior Infants went off the the Rainforest and met a little monkey looking for his mom.
 A beautiful butterfly helped him on his way
- an elephant was too big
- a spider had too many legs
- a snake hadn't enough legs
- a parrot had wings
-a bat was too small
They encountered all sorts of problems on the hunt for Monkey's mum.
But great news! Not only did they find the mum, they found the dad too!
Thanks to Julia Donalson and Alex Scheffler for the special inspiration our school community got from this story.
We all had an amazing time together.
Luckily, a set of keys which had been lost in the understorey were found under a brown leaf?!
Here we are on our trip, all suncreamed and carrying lots of insect repellent, watching out for danger...
Isn't it hard to see the animals? They are camouflaged - that can protect them from predators.
What animals can you see? 
Can the dragonfly see the lizard?
Well, we all got back safe and sound, ready for the next big adventure...



Climbing, sliding, swinging - just some of the fun we had in the park one day.


Look who spoke with the students and teachers in KPS on Tuesday, 11 June...


Even Mrs M was pretty starstruck we think!

IBSF World Under 21 Championship in 1989, World Snooker Champion 1997 to name just a couple of his achievements.

Look at this list of just some of his successes...

Career Highlights:
World Championship – winner - 1997
World Championship - runner-up - 1998, 2003
Malta Cup –winner - 2006
Thailand Masters – winner - 2001
Welsh Open – winner - 1993, 2001
Malta Grand Prix –winner - 1997, 2000
UK Championship – runner-up - 1994, 2001, 2002
Grand Prix – runner-up – 1992, 1993
Scottish Masters – winner - 1993, 1994
Irish Masters – winner – 1998 - (after disqualification of Ronnie O’Sullivan)
Premier League – winner - 1995, 1998
Pot Black Cup – winner - 2007
Irish Professional Championship – winner – 1993, 2006, 2007
World Cup (with Republic of Ireland) – runner-up - 1996
Nations Cup (with Republic of Ireland) – runner-up - 2001

taken from:

He told us how he only had to pay £2 when he was a young boy for the cue he still uses! He said it's a bit warped but that he holds it in a particular way and focuses on a little grain in the wood. Wow!

He explained to us that there are five S's in sport for him, and that the main one is 'spirit'. The children in Junior Infants are going in the right direction with their spirit for sure - they always do their best, they work and they play a bit, they think about and support each other...

      Is that an extra student at the back?


Mrs M says we'll all have a big party the next time Ken Doherty wins the world championship...

She says he's  'knocking at the door' all the time!

Keep on cue, Ken...





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