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The sun was shining brightly on Sport's Day. We sang 'Thank you Lord for this fine day'.

We sprinted, and ran relays and an obstacle race. We all did our best.

There was a medal for everyone, and an ice-cream cone.

The toddlers got a little packet of sweets.

There were obstacle races for the mums, the dads and the teachers. They all did their best too.











Zero is like a magic number. We like the way you can add it to another number... or take it away from another number - and still have the same amount left. Even three million plus zero still makes three million.

We made some zero shapes in class...






Fun, fun, fun...


We were learning about symmetry. We were looking at our faces and at lots of different shapes and numbers. We found lines of symmetry by folding paper shapes - we can do more of this game at home...

We made butterflies in Art. We had lots of experimentation with mirrors and numbers.


It's interesting the way the number is backwards. And when it's really close to the mirror the way the 3 looks like an 8.


Look at this...


Maths and Science are so exciting...


Sometimes, Dr Breakwell or Mr Doherty can stay for a while in the morning and make up a little quiz for the class. They ask questions about sports, science and rhyming words. It can get really exciting as we try to think of the right answers really fast...


Thank you to them both for all their tricky questions...


Tadhg's big brother played the piano for us at assembly. He is amazing.

We sang 'The Yellow Submarine' with 3rd Class whilst he played.





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Talk on Internet Safety

School Talks

NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.