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Tadhg's Mum, Dr O'Sullivan, visited our class today. She is a dentist. She told us lots of important information about our teeth.

Our teeth help us to look nice and to eat. They even help us to speak clearly.

It is good to brush our teeth in the mornings and at night. Snacks like bananas, apples and popcorn are much better that sweets or fizzy drinks...


It was really interesting. We saw fake teeth which were made by a technician. The dentist showed us a little mirror too. She gave us a games' card and stickers.



Here we are showing us bright shining smiles. Tadhg has the dentist's mask on and he is checking the teeth with his mum.

Thank you for helping us learn about teeth, Dr O'Sullivan.         


We have been reading books written by Julia Donaldson, and illustrated by Azel Scheffler.

Superworm and The Highway Rat are brilliant.

We made superworms in class. They were belts, hairbands, necklaces and watches. Some more of them were goggles, binoculars, ninja bands and swords. They were slides, roller-coasters, bridges and waterslides. Some superworms were cups, a dog's lead, snails and even lists for Santa...


 This was such fun...

What else could Superworm be?




We learned so much about flying; about the Wright Brothers and Icarus and Daedalus. It was so interesting.

Look at us flying and soaring around the gym with our kites singing 'Let's Go Fly a Kite'.


6th Class helped us to make paper aeroplanes and we all went outside to fly them. They showed us how to shoot them really far...



We had lots of fun playing in the leaves. We were laughing and giggling.


We read this beautiful book by Martin Waddell. We enjoyed how the mummy owl took such good care of the owlets and how they loved her so much. We love our parents and they love us just the same as the owls.

We made these amazing owls in Art...





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NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.