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Our class is doing a project about Australia. We made flags and lots of Australian animals. We stuck the animals on a big map of Australia in our classroom. We would all like to go to the Great Barrier Reef when we are older. We think it looks so exciting with all the different types of fish - some of them look more like plants than fish!

Izzy's Mum, Mrs McLean, came to tell us lots of special information about Australia. She had  lots of toy Australian animals. The best one was the kookaburra which could make a kookaburra laugh when we pressed it! We sang about him sitting in an old gum tree, and then a funny joke bit about sitting on an electric wire... We were laughing so much.

She read us stories as well. There was a really good Aborigine tale about a rainbow snake. We painted pictures with dots like the Aborigines do - we got a picture of a kangaroo and then made our own designs with different coloured dots. Izzy's Mum said we were like real artists. We were so thankful to her for visiting our class and teaching us so much.


 Ian's mum came into school and read some stories to us too. We are so lucky, and so thankful.

One of the stories was called 'The Wombat's Diary'. It was so funny. He slept, he ate and he dug, and he slept and ate and dug some more. He chewed a big hole in the door and he ate loads of carrots.






We had lovely Christmas holidays. We had a brilliant time with our parents and we got lots of presents from Santa and our families.

Mrs M thought we got such special gifts because we are so good.

We made calendars with our photos on them. We decorated the frames and they looked fabulous.



One day, Robyn's dad came to school with a big bag of bread. It was a great surprise; he was going help us make Christmas decorations with it. He had lots of cutters - angels, bells, gingerbread people, trees... 

First, we cut the shapes we wanted very carefully, and then he made little holes in each shape for the string. Then we painted them with PVA glue and paint.

We took our decorations home a couple of days later when they were dry. Thank you so much Mr Houlihan for the really exciting morning.





We performed a little Nativity Play for our parents, and for the children and teachers in the school. We learned lots of songs. The best part was when we were hopping and skipping and dancing on the way to Bethlehem!

Everyone thought we were absolutely great...




Our buddies in 6th Class helped us make Christmas angels. Thank you so much - it was really exciting having so many children in our classroom working together.


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NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.