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Mrs M says we are amazing... Can you believe we can sing 'Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes in English, Irish and ... wait for it... YES! CHINESE! We loved learning it...

We talked about the Year of the Snake and remembered the paper chain snakes we made long, long ago. Some of them were so long we had to carry them wrapped around our necks like scarves. We made more snakes - no, not of of paper this time - out of spaghetti... In Science, we saw how the spaghetti went soft, wiggly and wriggly when it absorbed water and cooked for a while. We ate our yummy spaghetti snakes afterwards.


We made chinese lanterns and dragon puppets and went on a parade through the classes. We made fortune cookies too.





Winter is over and Spring is here.

Today was St. Bridget's Day, the first day of Spring. We were learning stories about how she helped a sick man get better, and how she got some land from the King so that the people could build a church. We made a St. Bridget's cross.

It is still really cold outside. We were looking at the buds on the trees, and the shoots that have grown where we planted our daffodil bulbs.














Play is a lot of fun. We use our imagination a lot. 

Look at us composing and playing music.


We were constructing all sorts of buildings using wooden blocks, duplo and lego.


Here we are building a big floor jigsaw and making spines for the echidna.






Ada's mum brought little Eleanor into our classroom.There were two Eleanors in our class that day which was interesting and exciting.

Eleanor sat on her mum's knee playing with her toy.


Eleanor likes the sweet flavour of apricots. She likes to have a bath; she lies in the bath on a special sponge.

Thank you Ada, Eleanor and Ms Reece for teaching us so much about babies. We really enjoyed your visit.



We drew amazing pictures of Australian animals. Mrs M thinks we are like famous artists.


Zack's Mum told Mrs Morton about a pack that she could get from the Australian Embassy.

It was full of amazing flags, weapons, bags, musical instruments... There was even a boomerang, a didgeridoo, a shield and a carved lizard. Do you know what a coolamon is? You can carry fruit or nuts or even a baby in it - you can put a pad on your head and then put the coolamon on top and carry it without using your hands. We decided you'd need really good balance...

Ms Fry let us play with everything. It was fun playing the didgeridoo and the clap sticks. We put a teddy in the coolamon and carried it around. We had pretend battles with the weapons. We really liked the aborigine carving on the wood.





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NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.