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The Heineken Cup was in our school on 26 February, '13. It was so exciting to see it.

Did you know Kevin McLaughlin, Johnny Sexton and John Cooney used to come to our school. They play for Leinster.  We have a photo of Johnny and Kevin in our classroom. Maybe some of us will play for Leinster when we're older.

Look who won a flag... and who got to sit in the cup during the photo...







We got organised in the classroom and lined up for a trip to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Thank you Ms Brown for helping us get ready.

It was quite a long journey but we were on the best bus ever. There were two tv's/monitors and we watched Ice Age 4. Mrs M never saw it before and she loved it.




We saw some paintings in the gallery; Mary Swansea is so interesting - we could see animals in the shapes of her trees - monkeys, squid, bats...

We made art with lots of shapes just like the Cubist painters.

On the way home, we were exhausted. There was a Disney movie in the bus; some of us watched it and some of us had a bit of a rest...

It was one of the best mornings in school in our whole lives!

Thank you Joan, Hilary and Katie for teaching us about Cubism, and thank you Emma for coming with us to the Gallery.







This week was all about love; games, Irish, poems, art, music, even science - we learned all about our hearts and how they work!

We were talking about China again. We heard a love story about a Chinese girl and a boy who turned into swallows. It's the story some of us in Junior Infants have seen on plates and cups in our houses. Look at these amazing drawings of the Willow Pattern story we made...

We made Valentine's cards for our parents and little Valentine's people for ourselves. We love our parents so much. Some of us ran out of space on our cards because we wanted to say how much we love our Mums and Dads, our brothers and sisters, our grannies and grandads, our cousins, our minders, our pets... One of our poems was about a crocodile loving its baby and singing it a goodnight lullaby!

We learned the best song called 'Love is something if you give it away'.


Today, we went outside to look at some Spring flowers in the garden.

The daffodils and the crocuses are beginning to blossom. They were so pretty. We remembered when we planted the daffodil bulbs into the soil. They were growing in the ground in the darkness for a long time. Then the little shoots appeared and we watched them as they grew up tall and strong in the light. We pulled out any weeds in the garden and minded them as they grew.


Buster came to school for a while with Robyn and her mum today. He is so beautiful. His dad was a toy poodle and his mum was a shih tzu. He is a shih-poo.

Buster is house-trained, and likes to get outside in the mornings for a run when he wakes up. He goes back to bed for a while then.

Buster eats dry food; little nuts which help his teeth too. When he was teething, he liked to chew things. He has a special bone which he loves.

Pets need a lot of love and time. They give a lot of love to you too. Buster loved meeting us in Junior Infants. You have to take them for walks and clean up after them. Sometimes, they have to go to the vet for vaccinations.

Thank you Ms Houlihan for letting Buster visit our classroom.


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NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.