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Your children in Junior Infants are truly wonderful. They have all made terrific progress - Ms Rubelcava decided they were 'fantastic in every way'!

Three girls in our class won all the prizes available in Category A/Junior Infants in the recent INTO EBS Handwriting Competition District IX - 1st, 2nd and 3rd. A huge congratulations to you girls from everyone.

An unbelievable achievement! I am so proud of you...



All the other children have been highly commended. Here they are with their Handwriting Certificates.




Miss Rubelcava taught our class for three weeks.

She was so nice and did lots of exciting work with us. We liked learning about baby animals.

She read 'The Pig in the Pond'. It is really funny. We liked 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' too.

Mrs M loved it when we sang some new songs and when we made chocolate nests with eggs and chickens.





We were so cold on our trip to Antarctica. That must be the coldest place on Earth. One or two people took off their coats for a while at one stage though!

We saw lots of penguins - emperor, king and even the little blue penguin. There were whales and seals. The sea was full of krill - it made the sea look like soup.

There was a green iceberg - greenie ! - ice floes, an ice cave... and the sky was full of birds. There were flocks of arctic tern, and we were lucky enough to see a huge albatross in the sky a couple of times.

We had to be so careful not to slip into any of the crevices in the ice.

Can you find any 6th Class explorers?

Can you spot two boys minding baby penguins?













Emma helped in Kildare Place School this week. She thought we were like little stars when we were singing all out songs for her. She couldn't believe how many songs we know and how we can sing so tunefully. Practice makes perfect!

As a special treat, she played her flute and Mr Packham conducted while we all sang 'Twinkle, twinkle'.







Here we are, out for a break after lots of important classwork. We had a look at the blossom on the beech tree and played some games. The field was full of frogs, tigers, dogs, elephants, mice, giraffes???

It seems like Snow White must have come back with Christian from Euro Disney?!

No... Can you recognise who it is under that disguise?


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NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.