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We learned all about the hedgerow. We went out and found hawthorn, blackthorn, holly, dog rose and other trees in the hedge at school.

We found nettles, dandelions, robin run the hedge, thistles and lots of plants too.

We made a little hedgerow in our classroom. It even had a baby horse chestnut tree. We watched lots of different buds as they opened and noticed that there were simple leaves on trees like the cherry blossom and compound leaves on trees like the horse chestnut.

It was fun learning about the birds and the mini-beasts too. We had a wormery - we filled it with layers of soil and sand, and then put in worms from our own gardens. We were able to see where the worms burrowed through the soil.

We saw slugs, snails, centipedes, millipedes and woodlice out in the garden.

We are like Junior Scientists.


5th class organised a cake sale one day for Temple Street Children's Hospital. We brought in some money and bought a bun. They were delicious.

There was one which looked like an ice-cream cone - some of us thought it was the best one. Mrs M's favourite was Breslin chocolate biscuit cake.

It was funny when we had cream or chocolate on their faces...

Thank you 5th Class for all your work.



Some of the older people in Rathmines visited our school. We had a little concert for them with singing and music. We sang 'I'm a kangaroo' and they really loved it.


Everyone had a lovely time.

We gave the visitors flowers which we made with Senior Infants. They loved them.

The teachers organised a nice tea for the our special friends too.


Robert had a family of foxes in his garden. His mum is really clever and she made a dvd of them feeding and playing. She was very kind and came into our class to teach us all about it. Robert's little sister, Alice, visited us too.

First of all the mum came looking for some food to take to her cubs. Later on, the little cubs were out playing together on the lawn.


The cubs drink their mum's milk when they are babies. They look very cute.




Well would you look at all that confetti flying over us... Is someone getting married?

No! It's only cherry blossom. We had a crazy time playing in it!


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Talk on Internet Safety

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NPC Parent's Talk on Internet Safety, was held on Tuesday 10th May. We aim to have more talks on this theme next year.